No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers

Typically, no medical exam life insurance for smokers may have an average cost that is 15 to 20 percent more than the cost for similar folks who do not consume any tobacco products. If you only use tobacco once in a while, say an occasional cigar at a wedding or party, you might check to see if the insurer will let you apply for nonsmoker no exam life insurance rates. But on the whole, regular smoking has been associated with shorter life spans and a higher risk for many serious health issues.

However, it is still possible to find affordable no exam life insurance rates for smokers if you shop around and purchase the right policy from the right company. Why not let us help you find the best no exam life insurance as a smoker? All you need to do to use our handy life insurance quote form is input your home ZIP code. After that, you can compare different products or call us for help or information.

What to Know About No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers

If you want cheap premiums, you might consider 10 or 20-year term. These shorter terms may also be good options for older applicants in their 50’s and early 60s. While no exam term life insurance for smokers can be more expensive than they are for nonsmokers, you might find that they are still relatively affordable. You might be able to find $250,000 to $350,000 worth of term coverage without taking a physical.

If you are shopping for a policy for somebody in their late 60s to early 80s, burial insurance might be a better option as many of these are specifically designed for senior citizens. These are fairly small whole life policies. Many do not ask for a physical for up to $25,000 to $35,000 worth of coverage, and some do not even require supplying answers to any health questions at all.

These are some common things to know no exam life insurance policies for smokers that do not ask for a physical exam:

  • Applications: You will still need to answer health questions on the application of most policies, and in some cases, your answers might get verified against other sources of information. You must answer the questions to the best of your ability even if you do not have to take a medical exam.
  • Underwriting: No exam life insurance plans for smokers are not all the same, and some may have strict underwriting guidelines while others may be more relaxed. Typically, plans advertised for seniors have more relaxed underwriting guidelines, but some cheaper term policies for younger adults could be very strict.
  • Premiums: The rates will depend upon the amount of coverage, the type of no exam life insurance, your age, your health, and the insurer that you choose.

How Can You Find the Right No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers?

Average consumers cannot be expected to know which no exam life insurance companies will offer them the right coverage for a good price. While many good no exam life insurance companies advertise on TV and the Internet, it is essential to compare rates in your local area to know which one to choose. That is because some insurers are easier on certain types of people than others, and you may find better no exam life insurance rates for smokers, people with diabetes, or people with other different situations with one company than another.

To make it easy for our website visitors and clients to find the right choice, we offer free tools and services. For example, you can start comparing no exam life insurance for smokers right now by typing your ZIP code in our free online life insurance quote form at the top of the page. After that, you can compare information provided by these companies on the Internet. If you have more questions or would simply like help from an agent, you are also welcome to call us to find the right no exam life insurance plan for smokers. We hope to help all of our clients by providing the right combination of Internet insurance tools and personal service.