No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors

Many senior citizens planned to leave some financial legacy behind for their children. At least, they hoped to leave enough money behind to ensure that the cost of a beautiful funeral would not be a burden for their kids. However, the economy has changed quite a bit in the last few years, and many of these same older adults need to spend their money to survive. However, no exam life insurance for seniors may still offer a way to provide some of this assurance to future generations.

We want to make sure that you buy the right no exam life insurance for seniors, and you can use our online quotes to begin shopping at any time. Your choices will depend upon your location, so just type a ZIP code into the form to compare premiums and plans from companies in your city. If you have any questions, our experienced agents are a phone call away.

Can You Find No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors with Pre-Existing Health Problems?no exam life insurance for seniors

Almost everybody can get some policy, and you should know that there are two different types of policies for older people on the market:

  • Guaranteed acceptance:┬áSometimes this is called burial insurance, and it is whole life insurance with a relatively modest death benefit. It is mostly meant to pay for funerals and other final expenses. Many older adults are attracted to guaranteed acceptance life insurance because it requires no exam and doesn’t even ask any medical questions.
  • Simplified issue:┬áThis could be whole or term life, and it does require the answers to a few medical questions on the application. Still, many active seniors, even in normal health for their age, can qualify.

Why answer a lot of medical questions when you don’t have to? If you can qualify by giving the insurance some information about your current health, you will find that no exam life insurance for seniors will be cheaper. If you can qualify, term life insurance rates for seniors will be cheaper still. Also, insurers usually offer a greater choice of death benefits when they get a chance to do more health underwriting on an applicant.

The greatest reason to try to qualify by submitting to health underwriting is an opportunity to get an immediate death benefit. Companies that don’t do any medical underwriting use a waiting period. That means that the covered individual has to survive for two or three years after the policy has been issued to qualify for the entire death benefit. Before that waiting period expires, beneficiaries may only be able to collect a percentage of the death benefit if their loved one dies.

Can You Buy No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors on Your Parents?

You are welcome to help your parents shop for coverage. You may certainly offer to pay the premiums for them. After all, you are the one that this coverage will benefit. But in the end, the person who needs to get insured will need to help with the process. This usually means they have to take a short interview over the phone.

Term and No Exam Whole Life Insurance for Seniors

While many seniors are conscious of rates, they also want to be sure they buy no exam life insurance with the right benefits for their needs. However, understanding different types of life insurance choices can be a difficult task for average consumers. At United Life Group, we make it as easy as possible to shop for the best benefits and term or no exam life insurance rates for seniors.

Get started by getting online no exam life insurance quotes for seniors at any time from this website. If you would prefer to speak with an experienced senior life agent, give us a call. We are committed to finding each of our client’s affordable life insurance from the best companies.