No Exam Life Insurance for High Risk People

No exam life insurance gives high-risk applicants a chance to get a policy quickly and without a lot of fuss. Furthermore, some folks might be reluctant to apply for a policy because they assume they will get declined because of a pre-existing medical condition. However, there are high risk no exam life insurance plans for almost everybody, and success in getting covered depends upon knowing which plan you intend to apply for.

We can help you compare no exam life insurance for high-risk people, healthy people, and everybody in between. You can enter your home ZIP code to begin finding top companies on the Internet. Otherwise, you are welcome to call and speak with an experienced life insurance agent at United Life Group.

No Exam Life Insurance for High-Risk People

Most people know that term life insurance rates are cheaper than whole life rates. Some top-rated companies offer term policies without requiring a medical exam, and this gives consumers a chance to apply for an affordable no exam term life insurance life policy online or over the phone and get an answer fast.

These are some things to know about no exam life insurance for high-risk people:

  • Applicants will need to supply answers to health questions on an application.
  • These answers may get verified against third-party sources like a doctor’s statement.
  • Relatively healthy people, even in middle age or early retirement years, should qualify.
  • Some insurers offer up to 350,000 in face value with no physical.

Guaranteed Acceptance No Exam Life Insurance for High Risk

Consumers also have an opportunity to apply for no exam whole life insurance without answering any medical questions. Often called guaranteed life insurance with no exam, these policies do not need the answers to any questions about health and accept everybody who’s qualified. Typically, rates are kept affordable because the policies are not very large. This is not the absolute cheapest way to get life insurance, but it might be a good solution for people who suffer from serious medical issues.

No Exam Life Insurance Companies for High Risk

For some seniors, diabetics, and people with other health conditions, we might look at a company called American Memorial. This company is owned by Assurant, a very large life and health insurance company, and they tend to have fairly relaxed underwriting standards. As independent agents, we have the ability select the right company for each of our clients, and it might be American Memorial or another quality insurer.

Buy Term or Whole Life Insurance With no Exam for High Risk

Each individual needs to consider their own coverage needs, available options, and their budget. With that in mind, we provide the tools and service to find a policy with the right benefits and the right price.

Use our online insurance quote form to find high risk no exam life insurance premiums and plans in your local area. After comparing these local options, you are always welcome to call us for more help. We work hard to help all of our clients quote and buy both whole and term life insurance. We can help seniors, younger adults, and even children compare life insurance to find the best policy for their own unique situation.