Guaranteed Issue No Exam Life Insurance

If you have concerns about a life insurance decline because of an acute or chronic medical condition, you should know that some quality guaranteed issue no exam life insurance companies will cover you without requiring a physical or asking any medical questions. These are called guaranteed acceptance policies, and they take every applicant who is otherwise qualified. That said, no exam guaranteed life insurance is not the right solution for everybody, so learn more about different solutions to your problem of getting affordable life insurance with pre-existing health conditions.

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No Medical Exam Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Of course, you can still find term life insurance with no medical exam, but you will probably still need to answer several health questions. No exam term life insurance is a convenient and affordable solution, and people with minor health conditions can probably still qualify, but term life insurance isn’t the right answer for everybody.

Whole life insurance companies offer guaranteed issue no exam life insurance policies. These are a couple of examples:

  • Gerber Life Insurance Company: This company offers plans for people from age 50 to 80, up to $20,000 in death benefits.
  • Vantis Life: This company is very similar to Gerber, and you might just see if Vantis or Gerber offers you a better price.

Guaranteed Issue No Exam Life Insurance Prices

Typically, premiums and coverage depend on age, location, and insurance company. Smokers may expect to pay more than people who do not use tobacco. It is a good idea to compare both benefits and prices before you make a decision.

These are some example price quotes for a 55-year-old woman in Texas:

  • $5,000: $21.42
  • $10,000: $40.60
  • $15,000: $59.77

Please note that these prices are only samples, and your guaranteed issue no exam life insurance price might differ because of health, where you live, and the insurer that you use.

What to Know About Guaranteed Issue No Exam Life Insurance

But you need to understand that any of these no exam guaranteed issue life insurance options use a waiting period of two years before the policies pay the entire face value. Before that, they will only refund premiums or pay a percentage of the full face value. In the case of accidental death, some insurers will pay the full face value before the waiting period lapses. In any case, the consumer will not lose money.

While it is usually cheaper to qualify for coverage by answering health questions, a guaranteed issue no exam life insurance policy might be a good option for older seniors, Type I diabetics, or other people with serious health problems. If you are not sure which kind of policy to apply for, you can ask us or read the health questions on an application to see if you want to answer them.

Let Us Help You Compare Guaranteed Issue No Exam Life Insurance

Hopefully, you understand that the right choice of company and insurer depends upon your own unique situation. This could include your health, city, age, and the amount of no exam life insurance you want to purchase.

To make it easy to find local insurers, we have provided an online system that you only need to enter your ZIP code to use. As always, we welcome your phone calls if you need help signing up or choosing an insurer. By using our Internet tools and calling for personal services from experienced agents, you have a great opportunity to find the right guaranteed issue no exam life insurance policy at a good price.