No Exam Burial Insurance

According the National Funeral Director’s Association, the average US funeral costs at least $8,000, and prices seem to rise every few years. That average may not include other end-of-life expenses like settling debts or paying final tax bills either. In order to make sure that families are prepared for this expense, some seniors consider no exam burial insurance. This is a whole life insurance product that is very easy to apply for and affordable for many families.

Let us help you find the best no exam burial insurance online with our fast and simple quote system. Just enter your local ZIP code to compare local burial insurance companies. If you have questions, we also welcome your phone calls.

No Medical Exam Burial Insurance

When most people discuss no exam burial insurance, they mean a whole life insurance policy with a fairly modest face value when compared to other kinds of life insurance policies. Some types of burial policies ask a few medical questions, some ask none, and most of them do not require a life insurance medical exam.

Even the companies that do require some health information will accept seniors who are in fairly good health for their age. For senior citizens with a recent history of strokes or heart disease, who suffer from Type I diabetes, or are already confined to a nursing home, a guaranteed acceptance policy, with no medical questions, might be a better answer. Otherwise, answering a few questions may qualify applicants for cheaper rates and better benefits.

This is what you should know about no exam burial insurance:

  • Death benefits: Typically, these range from a few thousand dollars to about $30,000.
  • Age: Many insurers accept applicants from 50 to 80.
  • Premiums: These are usually based on age and tobacco use.
  • Waiting periods: Insurers that do not need health information will use a waiting period before releasing the full death benefit. Before that, the insurer may either offer to refund premiums or pay out a percentage of the full death benefit.

How Much Does No Exam Burial Insurance Cost?

Again, prices might vary because of your age, health, location, and even the insurer that you choose. Also, smokers will pay more than non-tobacco users sometimes. To give you an idea, consider some sample monthly prices for a man who is 60 and does not smoke:

  • $7,500: $32
  • $15,000: $66

Note: These are only samples, and your premiums depend upon the insurer, your location, and other factors.

No exam burial insurance rates are usually cheaper when you provide more information during the application process. If you are reasonably healthy, you should consider answering some questions. If you are healthy, you may even want to get a life insurance exam to enjoy the best rates. The right choice depends upon how much medical information you care to share, how fast you want your policy, and your medical condition.

How to Compare No Exam Burial Insurance Rates

As you can see, the most important things are to find the right kind of life insurance for your needs and shop around for good prices. We try to make this task as easy as possible by providing an online quote system and assistance from live agents.

To begin, enter a local ZIP code in the burial insurance comparison form. After viewing options in your town, you are welcome to contact us with your questions. At United Life Group, we offer both the Internet and personal solutions to help our clients find affordable life insurance with the right benefits.