Best Homeowners Insurance in Sarasota, Florida

You know how tough it can be to find affordable homeowners insurance in Sarasota County, FL. Residents throughout the state of Florida have a tough time finding affordable coverage for their homes, mostly due to high insurance payouts for wind damage and flooding from hurricanes that have hit the state throughout the year. Many of the best Sarasota, FL homeowners insurance providers do not offer coverage for Florida residents at all, and those that do often charge astronomical rates for coverage. Luckily, making a few adjustments and searching for quotes online can help you find the insurance that you need to protect your home, land and other property.

Home Ownership in Sarasota County: A Few Facts and Figures

  • Percentage of Residents Who Own Their Homes – 70.1%
  • Percentage of Residents Who Rent – 29.9%
  • Average Home Value – $225,000
  • Average Annual Sarasota, FL Homeowners Insurance Rate – $2,581

Top Sarasota Homeowners Insurance Providers for Floridians

These are some of the top Sarasota, FL homeowners insurance providers for residents in Sarasota County and throughout the state:

  • Frontline Insurance
  • Florida Peninsula
  • Citizens Property
  • Universal Property

These top providers offer windstorm insurance and other necessary coverage for residents in your county and elsewhere in Florida. There are also other reputable Sarasota Florida homeowners insurance companies out there that will provide you with the coverage that you need. Shopping around can help you find the best coverage possible with a payment that you can afford.

Factors That Affect Your Coverage Estimates

You probably know all about the owner risks of owning your own home, but you also have to think about risks that can affect your insurance company. These are some of the things that can affect your homeowner’s insurance coverage costs in Sarasota County:

  • Age of Home – Older homes are often more costly to cover than newer homes if they are equal in square footage and other ways. This is because many older homes are more prone to wind damage.
  • Type of Home – A mobile home is going to be more expensive to insure than a brick home because mobile homes are considered to be more at risk during a bad storm.
  • Pets – You probably love your Rottweiler or other “dangerous” breed of dog, but you should know that your insurance agent probably doesn’t. This is because these dogs are statistically more likely to bite someone, and can, therefore be a liability risk for your homeowner’s insurance company in Sarasota, FL.
  • Location of Home – Homes all throughout Florida are considered high risk in the eyes of an insurance company, but your exact ZIP code does matter. This is because water-front or beach front condos and houses are more prone to damage if a hurricane does strike.
  • Deductible – A higher deductible can result in a much lower premium, but the risk is that you have to pay out more if something does happen to your home.
  • Additional Structures – If your Florida homeowners insurance company has to cover your boat or your outdoor shed, your costs will probably go up.
  • Owner-Occupied vs. Renter Occupied – A rental property can be more expensive to insure because your insurance company might think that your renters won’t take care of your home like you would.

We Can Help You Find Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Sarasota, FL Today

Regardless of your situation or the various factors that might make your insurance rates go up, we can help. Here on our site, we make it super easy for you to compare coverage options from different Sarasota, FL homeowners insurance companies. Then, you can see which companies have the top coverage and which companies have the lowest prices. This makes it easy for you to find coverage that you can count on without having to do all of the legwork yourself.

There’s no reason to pay too much for Florida homeowners insurance, no matter where you live. There is also no reason to go without the coverage that you need to adequately protect your home if something happens, like a major storm. If you enter your ZIP code and other basic information into our search tool, we can help you find the best coverage for you almost instantly.