Best Homeowners Insurance in Jacksonville, Florida

If you reside in Jacksonville or are thinking about moving to the area, you could be worried about the cost of home ownership. As you might already know, rates for the best homeowners insurance in Jacksonville, FL can be exorbitant and throughout the state of Florida due to insurance companies’ concerns about hurricanes and hurricane-related damage, such as from flooding and high winds.

Understanding a little more about coverage in the area and comparing quotes can make it much easier for you to find insurance that you can count on. Plus, it can help you find a more affordable homeowners insurance quote in Jacksonville, FL.

Facts About Life and Home Ownership in Duval County

  • Approximate Population: 897,688 (2014)
  • Median Home Value: $151,409
  • Rented Homes: 60.6%
  • Owned Homes: 37.4%
  • Average Jacksonville, FL Homeowners Insurance Rate for $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction Home with No Wind Mitigation: $1,285
  • Average Jacksonville, FL Homeowners Insurance Rate for $300,000, New Construction Home: $1,667

As you can see, Jacksonville Florida homeowners insurance premiums are quite high throughout the Jacksonville area. Luckily, however, you can find coverage at the best price by using our online tool.

What Causes Homeowners Insurance in Jacksonville, FL to Be More Expensive?

Before you start shopping for coverage, it’s a good idea to get a better understanding of the things that can cause your rates to rise. Then, you can make decisions when buying your home, making improvements to the home or purchasing coverage to help you enjoy lower rates.

Mobile Homes vs. Stick-Built Houses

Because they can be more prone to wind damage and other damage from hurricanes and strong storms, mobile homes can be more costly to insure.

Age of Home: Older Homes vs. Newer Ones

When you compare an older home versus a newer one that is of the same value, you’re usually going to pay more to cover the older home. This is because newer homes — particularly those that are built in Jacksonville Florida and other hurricane-prone areas — typically have special precautions taken when they are built to help them better withstand serious storms.

Homes on the Waterfront

Although the idea of purchasing a beach front home or condo might be appealing, you should be prepared to spend a lot more on homeowners insurance in Jacksonville, FL. This is because your house can be at a much greater risk of flooding during major storms.

Owner Risks

Certain risks that you take yourself, such as installing a pool or buying a dog, can cause your insurance to go up; this is because these types of things can increase the risks that your insurance company is liable for. Also, investing in a boat, building an outdoor structure or otherwise adding value to your property can cause your homeowner’s insurance in Jacksonville, FL to be more expensive.

Type of Homeowners Insurance Policies in Jacksonville, FL

The decisions that you make when choosing your policy can cause your coverage to go up. If you want your premium payments to be cheaper, for example, you can opt for higher deductibles. However, you have to check with your lender to see if this is allowed since some mortgage lenders prefer for you to maintain lower deductibles. Plus, it can be challenging to come up with large amounts of cash in the wake of a disaster, so it can be a risk if you don’t have ample money in savings.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Jacksonville, FL

One thing you should know as a resident or potential resident of the area is the fact that many of the big insurance companies do not provide coverage in Jacksonville or elsewhere in Florida. You may not be able to secure coverage from the same provider that you have had elsewhere in the past, but there are still quite a few good companies that offer homeowners insurance in Jacksonville, FL. These are some of our favorites for affordable yet reliable coverage.

  • Frontline Insurance
  • Universal Property
  • Citizens Property
  • Florida Peninsula

If you use our online tool, you can get an estimate from these top providers and from other companies that provide homeowners insurance for Jacksonville Florida homeowners like you. To ensure that you aren’t paying more for your coverage than you have to, and to find the best policy to protect your home and property, use our tool today. It’s easy to get started — just enter your ZIP code and other basic information, and you can begin shopping for coverage right away.